Since graduating from Exeter University in 1997 with a BA Hons degree in music I now combine a busy teaching career with casual solo and orchestral work. My teaching started privately at home and over the years has included specialist flute teaching at two local schools Mount House School in Tavistock and the Music Specialist School Callington Community College. I also taught at the University of Plymouth for over 12 years working with students and local community members in the University Orchestra providing regular rehearsals, concerts and workshops.

I offer specialist tuition on all members of the flute family primarily piccolo, standard C flute, alto flute and bass flute to all levels.

For as long as I can remember I have had a love of music and after a few years playing the recorder it was a performance of Grieg’s Morning played in a primary school concert that inspired me to play the flute.

My formative years were not spent learning with eminent flautists or even flute specialists and as a result I picked up many bad habits which have taken many years to relearn. It was this difficult start that lay the foundations for my desire to teach, to help prevent the need for constant correction and relearning. Music is something that is accessible to everyone not all can reach the top of their field but everyone should have the teaching that enables them to enjoy continued improvement and enjoy their journey. Overcoming the difficulties I have encountered has been hard but my enjoyment of the instrument has always carried me through inspiring me to continue to improve, if only just a little, every day.

Through what I have learnt I aim to ensure that I my teaching enables students to realise their full potential what ever level they aspire to.

Once I had started teaching I became aware of the lack of playing opportunities for flautists: with only a few orchestra or band places many were finding ensemble playing inaccessible. Wanting to combine this with inspirational performances and workshops with leading international players I set about organising a series of Fundays. Open to all ages and abilities they proved a great success so much so that it has evolved into a charity, 4Flutes.

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